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Mid-South Wedding & Event Planners’, LLC leads a team of wedding professionals who together bring you immeasurable experience in coordinating special events and weddings both large and small. Lynda Jones-Owings has coordinated many weddings and receptions and will bring you a wealth of knowledge from the most talented service providers that will fit within your budget. Just think of us as your personal assistants. We will provide you with all the necessary information required for your special event..


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Mid-South Wedding & Event Planners’, LLC is now a member of the Association of Wedding Professionals & the Association of Bridal Consultants; the worlds largest wedding association.  This will allow us to bring you the latest in wedding trends and an ethical oath to bring you the best in wedding planning services.

We are currently members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ score.  Our membership with the Chamber of Commerce allows us to interact with the best vendors in the wedding industries.  Bringing you the best venue’s and suppliers in and around the city.


Deciding to hire a wedding planner is always a big decision.  You want to make sure you spend your budgeted dollars wisely. Will a wedding planner be affordable for you? Mid-South Wedding & Event Planners’, LLC is here to service you!  We ensure that every bride is treated with dignity and self-respect.  We pride ourselves in making you feel like the last bride on earth.

We have designed our services to benefit each and every bride, each and every time. You are not limited to standard packages. Since every bride is unique, we believe that you should not have to pick a package. By doing this, you are able to design your own wedding package.  You can decide which services will benefit you and are suited for your needs specifically.  This is how Mid-South Wedding & Event Planners’, LLC is a step above the rest and are aware of the needs of each bride individually.  We have for 11 years allowed our brides to create and design there own wedding packages that best fit within their budgets.

A La Carte

A professional coordinators job is to make sure every detail of your wedding goes as planned. She will go over the details from the beginning before you arrive at the church to after the reception, leaving you with an itinerary for the wedding & reception. This itinerary will be followed on your wedding day as planned, making changes in the middle of the ceremony is not recommended, and can causes problems that gives the appearance of an unorganized wedding & reception. Everyone has a part in making sure things go as planned between you and your professional coordinator.

First, your job is to explain to your wedding party that you have hired a professional coordinator to insure that your special day is illustrated just as you have dreamed and planned. Discuss with them that you would appreciate it if they would follow the direction of the coordinator regardless of how they think something should be done.

Your professional coordinators job is to rehearse your ceremony with your bridal party before the wedding day. At the rehearsal it is the duty of the bridal party to take direction from the coordinator in accordance to the wedding. Each detail will be rehearsed from start to finish. When selecting your bridal party it is important that you let them know what is expected of them and it might require a lot of practice and time, because you want your wedding to go just as you and your professional coordinator have designed.

Remember that it is the duty of the coordinator to accommodate you in any way possible, however it is not the duty of the coordinator to force the bridal party to practice or to reprimand the bridal party. Most importantly on rehearsal night make sure that everyone involved in the ceremony is present at the rehearsal so that it can actually be a complete rehearsal of your ceremony. It is highly recommended that whoever is playing the music and or singing should attend the rehearsal. Once you receive your itinerary for the Wedding and Reception and you agree upon it that is the agenda that will be followed.

How to Choose a Wedding Decorator

Many brides find amazing ideas in bridal magazines, and at other friend’s weddings. Whether it’s a ceiling draping with lights, a head table and cake table lit up with beautiful sheer fabrics and fancy clusters of bows and flowers, or a pretty backdrop behind the head table with lots of lights and greens and flowers, something wonderful happens when guests enter a reception hall, finished with glamorous detail.

Although many brides think it might be fun for them to decorate the banquet room, the reality is, it takes a lot more work than one realizes to achieve a professionally decorated atmosphere. It isn’t easy to find all the accessories at affordable prices. Most brides also underestimate the final cost that the “list of incidentals” amount to for a first time decorator. When you think about the time and effort it takes to decorate an entire hall, added to all the other stress of planning a wedding, it becomes obvious that hiring a professional decorator is a sensible choice.

What You Should Look For?

A good decorator will respond to your call quickly and set up a meeting, either at your home, their place of business, or at your wedding venue. A professional decorator will consult with you to determine your vision for a perfect day. Offer options to customize the decorating to match your style and taste–not just a wedding in a box with few or no choices. The decorator should also offer you helpful tips on how to get the most for your money.

You should expect to see a portfolio of the decorating done for other clients and a list of references that you can contact. A good decorator will do a site inspection to determine what will work, and take necessary measurements. A great decorator will not promise anything that can’t be done. A reputable decorator will send or e-mail the bride and groom a proper contract itemizing each item and price, outlining the payment schedule and cancellation policy. Remember, a contract protects you. A responsible decorator returns phone calls promptly during the planning process answering your questions or concerns and is respectful of your time. A good decorator arrives on time prepared with all items, equipment, experience, knowledge and the staff required to complete the job.

A great decorator will have the décor completed long before the guests arrive. No preparation, tear-down work should be seen by anyone at the wedding reception. The only thing a bride and groom are responsible for is to walk into a beautifully decorated reception hall and gasp with delight when they see their vision become a reality. And finally, when your beautiful celebration comes to and end, you and your groom, the wedding party, family and guests should leave with just the memory of a wonderful day.